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How to Win More PR Clients

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Product Description

How to Win More PR Clients

Training notes for PR professionals

Author: Jo Lynn

Editor: Peter Bartram

Format: PDF e-book, 74 A4 pages

Price: £12 (VAT inclusive)

How to Win More PR Clients was originally published as the course notes for the Perfect Proposals & Presentations Masterclass training event.

This is what you will learn from How to Win More PR Clients:

  • Understand more about what buyers look for in PR and marketing proposals
  • Develop techniques to ensure your PR firm is included on short-lists
  • Develop campaign strategies for clients in innovative ways
  • Write a proposal in ways that make it stand out from rivals
  • Make new business presentations with more confidence
  • Handle negotiations over terms and conditions so that you get a good deal

This is what some of the PR professionals who attended the Perfect Proposals & Presentations Masterclass said:

“What a great session – packed full of useful information and tips for success. Comprehensive content, including strategy and delivery, plus the chance to discuss specific issues and challenges in detail with a superb and highly experienced PR professional. We can’t recommend this course highly enough. Thank you!” – Clare Elsley, director, Campus PR

“I won’t write another proposal without cross-referencing every section of the Workbook.” – Julie Vindis, On Demand PR

“I just wanted to say it was a very interesting afternoon, highlighting some essential factors that have already made a difference in the new biz work I am doing for Bubble & Squeak.” – Natalie Besbrode, business development manager, Bubble & Squeak

“I thought Jo was brilliant and, as a fellow woman working in PR, albeit a relative newcomer in comparison, extremely inspiring.” – Lyndsey Hunt, Word Association

“Thought the class was pitched at the right level. Really enjoyed it.” – Sharon McEwan, Bright PR

“Jo is brilliant at explaining things. As an entrepreneur running several ventures, I need to have a complete understanding of how to plan the PR and marketing of my companies. Her clear thinking has made me view my companies much more strategically and I am able to slot in lucid programmes into my business plans.” – Walter Cruz, Bosenet and Great Expectations

This is what you will find inside How to Win More PR Clients:

Winning new business is the lifeblood of PR and marketing consultancies. Yet it is a task which is often not carried out in a systematic and effective way. Too often, new business proposals are the result of last-minute rushed work which is less convincing than it should be.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. How to Win More PR Clients shows how you can be organised to handle invitations to pitch for new business more effectively. Equally important, it takes you through the complete proposal and presentation process, showing how you can add that little bit extra at each step which makes the big difference to whether your firm is selected or not.

What makes this book of training notes different from others is that it’s based on a detailed research project into what decision-makers actually take into account when they’re weighing up rival proposals or listening to competing presentations. The research questioned 115 executives in a wide range of commercial and public organisations about what they regard as particularly important. It covered areas such as how they choose companies for the short-list, what they think is most important in proposals, how they like to be pitched to – even what payment method they most prefer. So the e-book gives you real insight into what makes a proposal succeed.

How to Win More PR Clients is packed with practical ideas which you can use straight away in your next proposal writing assignment.

Here is a detailed list of the contents:

1: Finding and targeting new clients

  • How clients choose PR and marketing agencies
  • Why proposals are important
  • Where to spot new business opportunities
  • How to build relationships
  • 23 ways to attract new business pitch invitations

2: People and processes for new business

  • Getting organised to pitch for new business
  • Developing new business leadership
  • Why account management is a new business function

3: Getting on the short-list

  • The size of typical shortlists
  • How prospects draw up short-lists
  • Three ways to showcase your contacts with editors
  • Five more tips for getting on short-lists
  • Four ways to demonstrate your professional standards
  • Six ways to “go that extra mile”

4: Getting to grips with the brief

  • What prospects regard as most important about briefs
  • What the brief should contain
  • Eight ways to get information your competitors won’t have
  • How to conduct a preliminary meeting with a prospect
  • Defining the key campaign objectives

5: Developing a campaign strategy

  • How to understand the prospect’s marketplace
  • How to understand the prospect’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Nine-point approach to building a winning campaign strategy
  • A fool-proof way to match the strategy to the brief
  • How to develop a campaign schedule
  • Matching campaign proposals to the budget
  • How clients like to pay
  • Six ways to measure a campaign’s results

6: Writing a winning proposal

  • A sure-fire way to structure a new business proposal
  • Four ways to use proposal language to convince
  • “Unlucky 13” faults with many PR/marketing proposals
  • How to build an e-proposal

7: How to give a proposal the “that’s the one” impact

  • Features which create the “that’s the one” impact
  • 10 ways to develop outrageously creative ideas
  • How to use an “extras menu” to give a proposal the edge

8: Making the presentation

  • A brief introduction to “presentation pratfalls”
  • “Lucky 13” ways to make the best of your presentation
  • How to choose the presentation team
  • A guide to answering questions convincingly

9: The final lap

  • When and how to follow up after a presentation
  • Conducting the final negotiations
  • How to become a regular new business winner

Extra background

  • Two case studies: how clients choose agencies

About the author

Jo Lynn has spent over 35 years in the PR sector. She began her career working for Erika Frei of Erika Frei Associates before joining Burson-Marsteller, where she really learned her trade. She climbed the career ladder at various prestigious agencies including Good Relations and Lynne Franks and for the past 10 years was a director. During her time at these agencies, she headed many new business pitches and won a reputation for landing new clients.

She then set up Splash Press Agency for 12 years until, realising that the nature of her work had morphed into consultancy, she re-branded as Jo Lynn Consultancy.  Jo is the food consultant to Joined Up Food – she has considerable food and drink experience – is the corporate relations manager for the French business school, Groupe INSEEC, and also has several “brand development” clients in her portfolio.

She provides PR consultancy to Paddington Development Trust and Portobello Business clients is a part-time lecturer at Groupe INSEEC and a course mentor. Jo is a very keen foodie and spends a lot of her spare time scouring farmers’ markets, visiting specialist food shops and walking with her border terrier, Tilly. “After all these years, I still love turning a company into a brand and genuinely get excited when I see my strategic thinking working, particularly when it is to do with new business pitches,” says Jo.